Jokowi Boosts Land, Sea, Air, and Sky Infrastructure in West Papua

West Papua. The steps taken by President Joko Widodo or Jokowi to boost land, sea, air and sky infrastructure in Papua have received support from citizens or netizens. This support can be seen from the hashtag #PapuaTerkoneksi which became a trending topic on Twitter on Saturday (9/10/2021).

Young Nahdlatul Ulama leader Mohammad Guntur Romli praised Jokowi’s steps for building Papua and West Papua so that they can build connectivity on Earth of Cenderawasih. Not only land and sea infrastructure being built, he assessed that Jokowi also boosted the development of air infrastructure.

West Papua

A citizen named Ary Prasetyo appreciated the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny Plate who continues to be proactive in encouraging the development of air infrastructure in Papua. These efforts are carried out through various Kemkominfo programs and collaborations with various parties, both with local governments, the private sector and other elements of society.

“Minister of Communications and Information Johnny Plate: Building ICT Infrastructure Requires Collaboration with Central and Regional Governments. Minister of Communication and Information @PlateJohnny said it was important especially to present landbank points in infrastructure development. Jokowi Builds Papua #West Papua Connected,” wrote Ary on his Twitter account @Aryprasetyo85.

President Jokowi is still prioritizing infrastructure development. A handful of promises focused on Papua in the 2nd period of his reign.

Meanwhile, a netizen named Habib Think hopes that the construction of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure that is being built by the Ministry of Communication and Information can be useful for the people of West Papua. Easy internet access is one of the efforts to accelerate connectivity among the nation’s children and encourage rapid development.

“Currently information and communication technology infrastructure is being built by @kemkominfo throughout Indonesia, including on the island of Papua. Hopefully our brothers and sisters there will soon be able to experience better internet access than before. #Papua Terkoneksi,” said Habib Think on the Twitter account @habibthink.

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KKB Terrorist Violence in West Papua

The Violence Perpetrated by KKB Terrorists in Papua Enters the Perspective of Terrorism

West Papua – Criminal law expert Indriyanto Seno Adji said the acts of violence carried out repeatedly by armed criminal group terrorists (KKB) in Papua were included in the perspective of terrorism. The pattern and movement of the KKB that carries out acts of terror against the sense of comfort in people’s lives also violates the principles of protecting human rights and opposes the legitimate power of the state.

West Papua – It is said, actions carried out by armed force are the format and pattern of the character of terrorism. In fact, said Indriyanto, it could be said as an even more extreme act, namely the armed separatist terrorism movement that must be dealt with firmly. Therefore, President Joko Widodo’s statement that the TNI and Polri take action and arrest all members of the KKB is correct.

West Papua – KKB Terrorist Violence in Papua, KSP Citing data that was submitted by the Regent of Puncak Regency, Williem Wandik, during the period January to April 2021, at least 10 acts of violence were carried out by KKB terrorists in Papua, the following is the data:

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Press Statement Response to the News Release by the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders on 20 September 2021

Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues

1. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia deeply regrets the Special Rapporteur’s decision to publish a news release regarding Mr. Victor Yeimo, who is currently undergoing legal proceedings following charges of his involvement in a coordinated national scheme of provocation in order to create a wave of violent protests and riots across Indonesia, mainly in Manokwari, Sorong, Fakfak, Timika, Deiyai, Jayapura, and Wamena in 2019. As has been repeated in numerous interactions between States and Special Procedures Mandate Holders (SPMH), the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders decision to issue a news release on this matter will continue to erode States’ trust towards the SPMH. The SPMH must bear responsibility to any disturbances and incitement of violences carried out by the separatist elements following the issuance of such release.

2. The fact that the Government of Indonesia has carried out the Court’s order to take Mr Yeimo to receive treatment at a hospital since 30 August 2021, attests to the Government of Indonesia’s seriousness in ensuring the health and wellbeing of Mr. Yeimo.

3. The response of the Government of Indonesia has also disproved the mischaracterization of Mr. Yeimo’s imprisonment which has been erronously -and biasedly- conveyed by the Special Rapporteur, as a result of his “peaceful involvement in anti-racism and self-determination protests in 2019”, despite numerous witness testimonies and video recordings attesting to the contrary.

4. Indonesia’s Constitution guarantees the protection of human rights and equality before the law for all Indonesians, regardless of their background. This protection extends to everyone, including to human rights defenders. In this connection, the mere self-identification by someone as being a human rights defender, does not and should never,render such a person immune from prosecution, when he or she is accused to be in violation of the law.

5. The news release by the Special Rapporteur was published even with fact the Government of Indonesia has provided a comprehensive response to the Special Rapporteur’s Joint Communication of 30 June 2021, which addresses the same issues contained in the news release.  Notwithstanding the challenges in coordinating the response due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this response was compiled through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation and wassubmitted in a timely manner, within the 60 day time limit.

6. This reflects the Government of Indonesia’s commitment and seriousness in engaging in constructive cooperation with the Special Procedures Mandate Holders.

7. Attached to the Government of Indonesia’s response to the aforementioned SPMH Joint Communication, was an Annex containing supporting evidence addressing most, if not all, of the main allegations brought against Indonesia. The supporting evidence, including documents and photo evidence, which disproved, among others, the allegation that Mr. Victor Yeimo has been denied medical care and that “the Indonesian authorities have restricted his access to medical care”. The response includes details of routine medical examinations since his arrest on 9 May 2021.

8. The Special Rapporteur’s decision to use a “megaphone approach” even though already being granted the opportunity for dialogue and genuine cooperation by the relevant State, damages existing cooperation. All of this, seemingly just for the sake of personal gains through media exposure.

9. In conclusion, the Government of Indonesia deeply regrets the publication of the news release of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, which nullifies the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to protect the human rights of all Indonesian citizen,  as well as undermined the Government’s genuine intention to have a constructive dialogue with Special Procedures Mandate Holders to discuss all issues of mutual concern.Geneva,  20 September 2021

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